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Get vintaged by….Furgo!


Are you currently facing the dilemma: what can I do to make my party turn into an unforgettable event? Or maybe this summer you would like to organize a special evening-out with your friends, but you are not inclined to lock yourself in the same old steamy bar as you do every week? Well, in that case we have something that might solve your problem: Our freshly restored Citroen HY - we call him 'Furgo' (derived from the French word 'le fourgon' = 'van') - can be rented for any kind of pop-up event:

          - for offering fine coffee and delicious cakes at a

            summer event in the park,

- as an info stand for a professional fair,

- as a classy champagne bar for your customer’s stand,

- as a promo box for promoting a product

…the possibilities are unlimited!

























Our coffee is barista style, hand-roasted stuff. Our cakes are homemade with locally-sourced, organic ingredients, our honest-to-goodness cup-cakes simply delicious – no nasties – and our in-house mexican food is based on original recepies and comes with the best indredients … but, if need be, we also just make a nice cup of tea.



With his savoir faire gained in almost 50 years of service (Furgo was built back in 1967!) nobody can deny him a toast at his wooden bar with a glass of sparkling champagne. Furgo is a true connoisseur when it comes to serving some delicious hors-d’ouevre with élégance. He perfectly knows how to put his chassis in the spotlight and call the attention of the demoiselles….

Furgo would be extremely pleased to be able to delight you and your guests, and add a touch of vintage French charm to the catering of your event (e.g. birthday parties, company events or weddings!)



...are you interested? Then contact us!



Offer for professionals:


Who are you?

You are a professional catering, events manager or promotion agency specialized in offering outstanding services to your customers. You always try to impress your customers with innovative approaches in order to differentiate your product from that of your competitor’s?


…who we are….

We offer a unique selling proposition with a vintage van that is so out of the ordinary, that your customers and clients will be attracted instantly and will admire your ability to offer them an opportunity to enjoy the event through an authentic and classic vehicle, that combines functionality, originality and style.


...and what can we do together?

You can rely on our professionality in taking part in your event as contributor to your success! May it be that you need a coffee lounge or a desert or drinks stand? – imagine it for once differently: wrapped up in a unique setting composed of an authentic vintage van, that makes the whole experience unforgettable!



We do it for you:  We are there on demand and disappear once the event is over, you have no hassle worrying about the vintage van – the maintenance of a vintage van is very time consuming and costly – so we take care of that! All you have to do is to concentrate on the organization of the event – the memories and the pictures of your event will remember you of the vintage van – and we are sure you may want to repeat that experience over and over again!



Thousand and one possibilities!




Ask us for a tailored quotation! We help you with the decoration and the branding of the van to match the style and the theme of the event.





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